Collaborative Community: “It takes a village…”

Takes a villageWe believe that the community working together will uplift students to achieve the core values deemed essential to the community’s stability and sustainability. Therefore, to build the Village of Excellence Academy Middle School learner’s knowledge base, it takes not only the school faculty but also familial and community resources. We invite all stakeholders to the table to design instructional programming suitable for growth and development. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, surrogates, and foster families are all a part of the village. We must have ONE person who is actively engaged in the process of building the best environment possible for that student. Research shows that family participation in education is twice as predictive of students’ academic success as family socioeconomic status. In fact, studies demonstrated that the more intense the school collaboration program, the greater the positive effects on student attendance, behavior, test scores and graduation (Walberg, 1984).

What is to be expected once someone commits to become a part of the Village of Excellence Academy Middle School family?

  • solution-oriented: We do not believe in pointing fingers, but working together to solve problems.
  • learner-centered: We place the needs of the learner above the needs of everyone else allow a singular focus on student achievement.
  • above and beyond: Our teachers and administrators are committed to the growth and development of each student. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that students learn. If the parent needs training, we are willing to work one-on-one. If the student needs tutoring, we will work before and after hours to provide tutoring. With a learner-first approach, we go above and beyond to make great things happen for our students.
  • high expectations: We expect parents to be fully vested in the process. A parent has to have complete understanding of the requirements to push their child forward and be willing to abide by those requirements.
  • accountability: All persons involved are committed to student success. We are willing to place it all on the line for each one of our students and we expect nothing less from the families that we serve.

Our family commitment is palpable in the school through volunteerism, outreach opportunities and the unseen evidence such as personal telephone calls, emails and text messages between teachers and parents.

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